A bit behind I know, but we been unable to post for several days for vaious reasons.  And yes, beer was one of those reasons.

We hit Okoberfest at full steam on the 26th.  This of course is after spending the previous 24 hours in transit, and having very little to ear.  I don’t recommend it, but it sure is a cheap drunk.  Linda is sure we had 4 steins, I thought we only had 3 the first night.

The pic is from fairly early in the day.  Notice the clarity in the eyes.  Later that night, not so much.  It is one of the few times that Linda has been toast before me.  She made sure she wouldn’t lose me by grabbing by the throat.  It does get ones attention to be sure.  I did manage to get her to go on some rides as we were leaving.  When we got back to the “hotel” we couldn’t get in the door.  Ended up sitting on the stoop, eating McDs waiting for someone to let us in.


I know we are behind the times for posting, but promise we will get caught up in Florence.  I’ll add updates for the rest of the Munich portion and Venice before we head to Cinque Terre.




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