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Finally in Argentina! – part dos


The flight from Chile to Buenos Aires was delightfully uneventful, customs was a breeze, and the taxi to the hotel pretty standard. We are glad that we are not picking up the motorbikes here though as lines on the road seem only to be suggestions.

The HN Buenos Aires Tango is quite a nice little hotel in the heart of the theatre district, right on the very main 6 of July. Despite my fear that they would have no record of our reservation (we booked through a 3rd party) check in was quick and painless.

The room was a little smaller than expected, but was very nice. The view was great though, as we fronted on 6 July.

We were very tired but also hungry, and we needed to buy some pesos. We had tried to buy some in Canada but they aren’t allowed outside the country right now.

The front desk gave us directions to a money exchange. We were on our way there when we saw some tango dancers in the street and stopped to watch. We saw a different money exchange across the street and were talking about whether or not to go thee when a random guy said he could get us a better rate. Never known to err on the side of caution we followed him through a small store and into the back room.

We ended up getting 5 pesos/dollar better than the exchange place. I’m hoping that they’re not counterfeit.

There seems to be 5 pizza places per block, so that is what we ended up having, along with a pitcher of Crystal which seems to be the local beer.

The pizza? Not my favourite, in fact it reminded me of Cuba. But, it did have some enduring qualities. There was a lot of mozzarella, and the crust was crispy. Even if it was doughy and had slices of lunchmeat type ham. It satisfied 2 tired and hungry travelers and the pitcher of beer was cold.

After dinner we went back to the hotel and crashed by 8:30. Linda tells me I was asleep before her, something that almost never happens.

Next up- BA to Neuquen.

Finally in Argentina!


So , after more flight delays and a 10 minute jog through the Toronto Airport we managed to catch our flight to Buenos Aires.

We were able to get emergency row sets for the flight to Toronto, but couldn’t upgrade or change seats for the flight to Buenos Aires. So we were stuck in the middle 2 seats of a four seat row. Luckily the ladies on the ends were small and nice.

We had supper and a glass of wine, I think I watched a movie with another wine that I couldn’t finish , then we both slept for about 6 hours, waking up in time for breakfast. I finished my wine with breaky and watched another movie. That managed to occupy my until we landed in Chile.

We had to get off the plane in Chile, leave the gate to go back though security, which didn’t seem to accomplish anything. We had time for a cerveza in a frosty glass before we had to board again

More to come, we’re off to another airport for our flight to Neuquén!

Horses, penguins and red wine


So, today we started our adventure of horseback riding in Patagonia, riding motorcycles to Ushuaia, and walking with penguins.

Unfortunately we weren’t expecting adventure this early in the trip. Our first flight on the journey is from Calgary to Toronto where we catch our flight to Buenos Aires. We did have a 4 hour layover scheduled for Toronto, tons of time to make our connection. But this morning woke up to an email saying the first flight was delayed, leaving 2 hours late.

Ok, still lots of time for the connection. At least there was until the latest delay. Now leaving more than 3 hours later than originally scheduled, so about 1 hour to change planes on Toronto. Not feeling so hopeful for making the next flight. Fingers are crossed that there isn’t another delay!