French Healthcare System


We arrived in Lyon, got to our hotel and they had no record of our booking.  2 hours and a couple of calls to hotwire got it resolved. works much better in Europe, the rest of our booking were through them and there was no trouble.

That day we walked down to the Rhone river, had a snack and walked back home, stopping at a supermarket to pick up some supper.  Supermarkets have saved us a ton of cash.  They have cheap beer and wine and an abundance of inexpensive food.

Next day we rented some bikes and rode to the old part of town.  Very picuresque (not like the rest wans’t) we had lunch and wandered around.  In the eve Diane missed a step and broke her leg.  Ended up being both tib and fib.  In emerg they casted and set her to a ward for the night while insurance was sorted out.  Next day was spent waiting and fasting then in the afternoon it was decided that surgery would take place in Lyon.  The doctors and nurses in the hospital were awesome.but hospital food is the same the world over.  If you have to get hospitalized abroad France is a good place to do it.  Next afternoon was released and went to the hotel.  Who knew it was that hard to walk with “Canadian Canes”

One more day in Lyon for Diane to get accustomed to the crutches, then on to Paris.   First day we found the Harley store.  How is it we always manage something Harley without even looking??  We have also managed to find a couple of great places to eat, the Vasche Acrobatic and Le Restoo.  Both had great food and friendly staff.  Le Restoo caters to a mainly gay clientele.  We were also able to see the Notre Dame cathedral, they let us in the out door because Diane is on crutches.  IT was still a long walk around the church, but worth it for the history.For those looking though the hunchback doesn’t live there anymore.

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