Time to catch up

Just resting

Just resting

Ok, we admit, we are not the greatest at posting updates. It is hard to find the right balance between visiting with friends and getting the work done. But at last, here’s  what we’ve been doing for the past few days.

We had a blast and learned tons at the PSSOR ADV Camp. It was a great confidence builder to learn how to ride the bikes through deep sand and gravel, not to mention taking them over logs and through deep ruts. And, as an added bonus the food was 4 star. Things like marinated grilled flank steak and grilled salmon. Mmmmm. The course culminated with an outride in the Olympic Forest. Awesome ride, with awesome views!

After the out ride we grabbed the ferry from  Port Angeles to Victoria where we stayed and visited with Linda’s cousins Graham and Rachelle. Had an awesome time with them, and exploring the city. Of course we tracked down the Harley dealer for a couple of shirts and went on a search for a new shift lever for Linda without any success.

On the way to Quallicum.

On the way to Quallicum.

Next stop was Qualicum Beach, but via the back roads. What a great ride. Nice twisty road, and wonderful views. Once in Quallicum, we stayed with Linda’s friends Karen and Don, very lovely and giving people. They took us to Spunky’s where we were finally able to get a shift lever for Linda, then to Goats On The Roof for a little shopping and looking. Linda confronted her past life with Ghangis khan.

Confronting  a past life

Confronting a past life

After a nice visit in Quallicum it was on the road again. We made a quick stop at Cathedral Grove and were awed by the immensity of the trees, then onto the Old Island Highway up to Telegraph cove. A little off then beaten path, but well worth the detour. A very quaint a very quaint village about a half hour south of Port Hardy.

Telegraph cove

Telegraph cove

In the morning we made the short trip to Port Hardy and made up for the extra we spent in Telegraph Cove by staying at the Pioneer Inn. Nothing that a little help form our logging neighbors sharing their BC hospitality couldn’t fix.

The ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert was amazing. The weather was great and the views were awesome. We splurged and had a stateroom for the 15 hour trip, which was great as we didn’t get a ton of sleep the night before. We had seen a motor home in Hudson Bay colors when we were in Telegraph Cove, and saw it again getting onto the ferry. When Linda saw a bunch of young guys in Bay clothing she had to ask what they were doing. Turns out they are film makers and adventurers doing a project for the Bay. You can follow then at b-insider.com Project Adventure.

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