Another day at sea


ImageAfter we left Ketchican we spent a great evening in the boat’s bar waxing philisophical about life with the other bikers on the boat and Fred the retired ER doc. it was a wonderful time, followed by a long hard sleep enhanced by the movement of the boat.  The next day started warm and sunny so we caught some rays on the sun deck surrounded by tents and people in sleeping bags on the loungers. The ferry does provide a great option for those who are trying to keep their costs down. The sun deck has I section that is covered over for protection from the wind and rain and even has heaters in it. People are welcome to sleep in the lounge chairs. If they want to set up a tent for privacy they can, but have to stay outside of the covered area. Other amenities include pay showers and the use do a microwave in the cafeteria We, however, opted for a stateroom, we are realizing we are getting a bit to old for somethings. 


ImageBy late morning the sun had gone and the rain had started. it stayed for the rest of the day. We arrived in Juneau late afternoon and had 3 hours to spend ashore So we shared a cab to the Mendenhall glacier with some shipmates. Our acquaintances walked up the trail, but with Diane’s cast we couldn’t do that so grabbed a cab and headed downtown, asking the cabbie to take us to a bar that wasn’t to shabby, but not too classy either and had good food. We ended up at the Imperial Saloon, one of the oldest bars on Juneau. It was great! We had seats at the window, which was an open garage door. So we sipped our beer, ate our burger, and talked with everyone who walked by and generally had a great time. Juneau is quite a ways from the ferry dock, so by the time all the cabs were paid for the burger ended up being about $100.

ImageWe arrived in Skagway around 3:30am And headed off to Whitehorse. After a brief visit with the local constabulary regarding a burnt out tail light, we continued on our way to Whitehorse. The fog from Skagway to Canada Customs was so bad we had to drive 20 to 30 km most of the way. We have always said that we will go out of this world together driving off a cliff and a few times thought that might be the case. Right after customs the fog lifted and we could go the speed limit again and arrived at Carl and Robert’s in Whitehorse around 7am, had a coffee with Robert and slept until early afternoon.

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