Finally in Argentina!


So , after more flight delays and a 10 minute jog through the Toronto Airport we managed to catch our flight to Buenos Aires.

We were able to get emergency row sets for the flight to Toronto, but couldn’t upgrade or change seats for the flight to Buenos Aires. So we were stuck in the middle 2 seats of a four seat row. Luckily the ladies on the ends were small and nice.

We had supper and a glass of wine, I think I watched a movie with another wine that I couldn’t finish , then we both slept for about 6 hours, waking up in time for breakfast. I finished my wine with breaky and watched another movie. That managed to occupy my until we landed in Chile.

We had to get off the plane in Chile, leave the gate to go back though security, which didn’t seem to accomplish anything. We had time for a cerveza in a frosty glass before we had to board again

More to come, we’re off to another airport for our flight to Neuquén!

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