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Arriving in Ketchican

A great day in Rupert


We had a great day in Prince Rupert. We started with a great meal at the Crest hotel. They did have food at the Moby Dick but considering what the rooms are like we thought we would skip the restaurant.
After brunch we headed off on a forest road. It started easy enough but soon got a bit more challenging with lose rock, wet boulders and a grade that that took us up 400m in 4 km. We were doing great with voices of our instructors in our heads telling us what to do. Like Roy saying a hill is just a flat on an angle and Gary saying look where you want to go. That worked until the voice in Diane’s head was yelling “your going to crash” louder than the other voices. She ditched on a steep switchback. But all in all it was a great ride.



Time to catch up

Just resting

Just resting

Ok, we admit, we are not the greatest at posting updates. It is hard to find the right balance between visiting with friends and getting the work done. But at last, here’s  what we’ve been doing for the past few days.

We had a blast and learned tons at the PSSOR ADV Camp. It was a great confidence builder to learn how to ride the bikes through deep sand and gravel, not to mention taking them over logs and through deep ruts. And, as an added bonus the food was 4 star. Things like marinated grilled flank steak and grilled salmon. Mmmmm. The course culminated with an outride in the Olympic Forest. Awesome ride, with awesome views!

After the out ride we grabbed the ferry from  Port Angeles to Victoria where we stayed and visited with Linda’s cousins Graham and Rachelle. Had an awesome time with them, and exploring the city. Of course we tracked down the Harley dealer for a couple of shirts and went on a search for a new shift lever for Linda without any success.

On the way to Quallicum.

On the way to Quallicum.

Next stop was Qualicum Beach, but via the back roads. What a great ride. Nice twisty road, and wonderful views. Once in Quallicum, we stayed with Linda’s friends Karen and Don, very lovely and giving people. They took us to Spunky’s where we were finally able to get a shift lever for Linda, then to Goats On The Roof for a little shopping and looking. Linda confronted her past life with Ghangis khan.

Confronting  a past life

Confronting a past life

After a nice visit in Quallicum it was on the road again. We made a quick stop at Cathedral Grove and were awed by the immensity of the trees, then onto the Old Island Highway up to Telegraph cove. A little off then beaten path, but well worth the detour. A very quaint a very quaint village about a half hour south of Port Hardy.

Telegraph cove

Telegraph cove

In the morning we made the short trip to Port Hardy and made up for the extra we spent in Telegraph Cove by staying at the Pioneer Inn. Nothing that a little help form our logging neighbors sharing their BC hospitality couldn’t fix.

The ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert was amazing. The weather was great and the views were awesome. We splurged and had a stateroom for the 15 hour trip, which was great as we didn’t get a ton of sleep the night before. We had seen a motor home in Hudson Bay colors when we were in Telegraph Cove, and saw it again getting onto the ferry. When Linda saw a bunch of young guys in Bay clothing she had to ask what they were doing. Turns out they are film makers and adventurers doing a project for the Bay. You can follow then at Project Adventure.

Sexy boots


Sexy boots After 2000km, 2 days of rain, and a 3 day adventure riding camp (with a few crashes but at least it wasn’t us that broke bones) we are safely recovering in Victoria. We are also now the proud owners of 2 pairs of very sexy mx boots as one of the course participants broke her foot in three places and was wearing street boots.

On the road again


Well, the bags are packed and in a few short hours we will be hitting the road again.  This time Diane decided to cut right to the chase and injured herself before the trip instead of waiting until we are in a foreign country or out in the toolies. But at least the air cast can be strapped to the back of the bike while we are riding.  Not so sure how that will work once we are at the duel sport riding camp?

Today will be a short day, as Linda just finished a night shift and figures she needs a nap before we head out. So tonight we head for Medicine Hat, AB, to the Gas City Campground. We are both very anxious to get on the road again!

Grinning Goddess


Well the motorcycle goddess may not have smiled on me, but she did at least grin.

I put the new oil into the bike, fired it up and damn, clutch still wouldn’t disengage.  I drained all that nice new oil out, took the clutch apart,  and put it back together.  This time I was smart enough to try the clutch before putting oil in the block and waisting another couple of litres.  Still no joy.

We had to go to the local KTM dealer to pick up Linda’s bike, now with 2 smoking new tires on it.  The owner of the shop used to be a Kawaski dealer, so I brought my shop manual to ask him some questions.  The end result was he didn’t have a clue as to why it wouldn’t disengage.  Which I toook as a good thing, as we fully explored the few places where something could go wrong.  So we go back home, stumped but not ready to throw in the towel yet.

I pulled it apart yet again.  On a whim I took the new clutch springs out and put the old ones back in, buttoned things back up and tried the clutch.  Yippee!  This time it worked.  Filled it up with oil and took her out for a test drive.  Everything worked like a charm.  Another hour putting accessories back on the bike and all is well.

It has over 500km on that clutch now and everything still seems good so I guess I must have put it all back together right 🙂

Stay tuned for an update on the 2nd off-road experience, and why Linda is starting to have second thoughts about doing the TCAT.

The Adventure Begins!


So, after a winter of nursing diane’s leg back to health, we are ready to start on the next leg of our adventure.

We have purchased 2 new-to-us ’05 KLR 650s.   With an early spring here on the prairies, we were itching to get out for some riding and get a feel for these new dual sports.  We stopped at the KTM dealer (no Kawi dealer in town) to order some new tires for Lind’as bald beast and toodled out to the grid roads.  After riding in and out of ditches for about 15 minutes, we found a road marked “Impassible”.  Well that sure sounded like a challenge to us!

Although it doesn’t look that bad in the pic, unfortunately the road won.  What made it impassible was the fact that it was wet, sucking, clay.  Linda manged to get off the road into the ditch, more by chance than planning, as that was where she landed.  I dumped mine withing about 5′.  We got the rubber side back on the bottom, then tried to keep moving on.  Linda in the ditch did pretty well.  Me on the road… not so much.  Stopped severl times to claw the clay out of the wheels and tried very unsucessfuly to get the monster into the ditch.  Eventualy we managed to get it into the ditch, where it promptly up and died.  The efforts of getting off of the clay blew up the clutch.

So, I think, what the H$#% now.  Ah, lets see if our Harley riding friend can come and rescue us.  Lucily for us he was home and drove his truck from about an hour away to came and rescue us, for which I am eternaly thankful. Unfortunately there were rude comments about import bikes and probably will be for most of the year.  A small price to pay though, and he dropped it off in our driveway.

Before we even got the bikes I knew I wanted to have some mechanical skills for dealing with issues on our planned big trips.  I had kind of hoped that books and seminars would be the way I learned, not by the seat of my pants out of nescesity.  None the less, I broke out the Chiltons manual that night to see if I could figure out what I needed to do.  Was pretty sure it was the clutch so  got up to speed on how to get at it, and what parts I would need.  I figured I would wash the mud off the next eve then roll it into the garage.  Well the best laid plans of rodents and homosapiens…

The weather decided it was time to go back to being winter, so everything got put on hold for a few more days.  Once the weather broke and the mud came off I set myself up in a corner of the garage and with manual in one, a wrench in the other and the bike on a shiney new motorcycle lift, pulled the cover off to see what the damage was.  I was fearful that I would find broken bits of metal, but to my surprise what I found was burnt oil, burnt clutch and large amounts of clutch fibres in the case.

Note the black crud on the outer basket

And the crud on the pressure plate.

Pulled the clutch plates out and cleaned the crud out of the case.  Then went in the house to see where I could order a clutch kit from.  I got one from, a company in eastern Canada.  By the time it arrived a few days later, I’d had time to think of the repair a bit, and with the amount of gunk in the right side of the case and my lack of knowledge about haw the oil gets from one side to the other, figured I better pull off the left side just to have a look see.  Probably didn’t need to do that, but it gave me piece of mind.  There was no crud to be found.

So I battened the left side back up and started putting things back together on the right side.  Once again it was manual in one hand and wrench in the other.  I only had pull the case off once after it was all torqued back on as I had missed greasing a couple of spots.  Oh and there was that issue with an oil plug…  I have to pick up some more oil today and hopefuly take it on a test ride tomorrow, motorcycle goddess willing.